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December 2016

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands - Aboard the Lindblad-National Geographic Ship Endeavor II

     The maiden voyage! We planned this trip over a year period. It is definitely a "once in a lifetime" trip. The ship had about 60 guests and just about the same amount of crew. The food was excellent, the people fantastic, and the wildlife & landscapes were out of this world!

     The #1 rule in the Galapagos as it pertains to wildlife is "Do not approach within six feet of the animals", however what they don't tell you is very often the animals will get much closer than that!
     Our first couple of days onboard we felt like we had already spent a week! Lindblad keeps you moving with shore excursions in the morning and evening, then 
snorkeling, kayaking, or zodiac trips between!

     We chose this particular cruise because they had personnel from B&H photo (with loaner gear; ever wonder what it would be like to snorkel with a $3K Leica camera on your wrist?), they also had NatGeo published photographers giving tips and individual help!

     What ever you do, take a trip to the Galapagos Islands, no matter whom you do it with (there are many tour groups), just do it!

Enjoy the photos!



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